About us

JobsInEgypt was published in 2004 as a job web portal for serving job seekers and employers with job and talent searches.

JobsInEgypt - Recruitment Services Agency

Scince 2011, JobsInEgypt provides a complete recruitment services solution to help companies with hiring the perfect fit candidates through an optimized and unique recruitment process to ensure the best service value.

As a recruitment services agency in Egypt, we have already found suitable employees for many companies in the area. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the field of personnel recruitment and selection, our HR experts ensure that employees are matched with our clients needs.

Our method

JobsInEgypt is not your average personnel mediator. We believe in customization and opt for a personal approach to our clients and candidates. Communicating with each other, short lines and open communication: we do what we say and we say what we do. This personal approach allows us to understand our clients and their personnel issues. We know the special features and culture of an organization and the qualities and personal characteristics of our candidates. Of course we draw on our experience and knowledge of the industry, but employees and employers must also match in terms of characters and wishes. Because we work in various industries, can take a look behind the scenes of many companies and have years of expertise in HR and online recruitment, we are the ideal sparring partner for every recruitment issue.

We certainly don't want to become the biggest, but we do want to remain the best.

The ambition is growth, but steadily and certainly not too fast. That is why a lot has been invested in people and resources in recent years. Why are we so successful:

  • We have a clear strategic focus.
  • We are committed to our clients.
  • We have ambition and active sales.
  • We are fast and flexible.
  • We have a compact and efficient organization.
  • We are innovative.

JobsInEgypt team is designed to unearth high-potential talents and to maintain a circle of knowledge conducive to professional synergies! A spirit of curiosity drives the team and allows it to respond to the needs of both the employer and the employee to create positive and balanced relationships.