Technology Recruitment and Selection Services

Technology Recruitment and Selection Services

Looking for new tech employees? JobsInEgypt is your reliable partner in the field of tech recruitment and selection. We supply energetic professionals who are at the heart of society. JobsInEgypt takes care of the entire recruitment and selection of your new employee. Curious how we can help you in your search for a new talent? Then read on or contact us immediately.

What is tech recruitment and selection?

Tech recruitment and selection is finding, selecting and hiring new tech employees. That process takes time, and it often takes a lot of effort to find the right tech professional. That is why, as a public organization, you can also choose to outsource tech recruitment and selection. We are happy to take the entire tech recruitment and selection process off your hands. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing tech recruitment and selection to JobsInEgypt below.

Tech recruitment and selection through JobsInEgypt

JobsInEgypt arranges tech recruitment and selection for different sectors. We focus on tech candidates who are curious to apply, but are not yet actively looking. We bring these candidates and our tech vacancies together in an innovative way. When the tech recruitment procedure is completed, we select the candidates based on the skills and experience you require.

Step-by-step plan for tech recruitment and selection

JobsInEgypt tech HR team is committed to your recruitment in a creative and proactive manner. Our tech consultants and recruiters bring your vacancy to the attention of the right people. This way you can quickly find the tech candidate that suits your organization!

We follow the following four steps:

  • After a CV selection, we invite the best tech candidates for an introductory meeting, during which we test their qualities.
  • We offer you three to five candidates for each tech hiring request.
  • You select which candidates you invite for a job interview, where we take care of communication with the candidate.
  • Once you decide which is the perfect fit tech talent, you can start your hiring process.

Interested to become your trusted tech recruitment partner?

We are looking forward for building long term business partnership with you.