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Terms and Conditions


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Clients Membership

JobsInEgypt is responsible to get you validated tech (interested) candidates in the mentioned technology field(s) within 14 days starting from the moment your job is activated and an initial payment is received. Our flat fee for the initial payment is 1000 EGP. The fee is a subject of negotiation if you are goining to post more than 5 jobs at the same time.

The candidates' reports will be shared with you in the form of reports that show important screening information like (years of experience, last company, ..etc). They will be the most relevant three to five reports that are considered the best of more screened profiles. Each report will contain a downloadable CV for the candidate.

We will follow up with you all the call interviews, physical interviews, negotiations, any changes of the requirements, and any other activities required after recieving the profiles. Once required, we will replace any profile for you with another one or more (example: a candidate who does not answer calls or changes the interest.)

Once a successful hiring occurs we will then ask you to pay our fee as per our contract with you. The hiring fee must be paid within a week after the signature of an employment contract or after the joining date of the candidate. This will also be performed as per our contract with you. The standard fee is 90% from the candidate net salary.

We will be responsible for any replacement(s) if the candidate did not complete the first month after his joining date. The replacement is considered as a new job post with a new batch but without an initial payment or a successful hiring fee. We will repeat the service for you till you get a successful hiring or you request to use your balance for other job posts.

Refund policy

The initial fee is considered as a non-refundable fee while you can request to refund the successful hiring fee in case we didn't provide a replacement batch within 14 days.