How the Technology Changed the Hiring Process?

How the technology changed the hiring process?

Technology has really impacted the way we operate in the world of work, being part of every space, moment, and process, especially when it comes to selecting and hiring people. Furthermore, the tools used in these processes are constantly changing.

At first, job portals made their appearance—like the digital evolution of job classified ads—then professional networks, company reviews, and opinion sites.

Currently, there is talk of the incorporation of new technologies linked to the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science algorithms. All these tools at the service of recruiting and people management are giving birth to a new way of hiring.

Let us not forget that the fundamentals used in hiring are still present, since what these technologies have done has simply been to create an innovative dynamic that seeks to face the challenge of connecting companies with those interested in working for them, improving selection processes. .

1. Make talent searches easier

While talent is everywhere, the recruiting industry prior to this technological era was limited by spatial factors along with a lack of resources. Now, technology has provided an easier way to reach top talent around the world and even identify them internally.

Apart from this, technology has also made it easier to sort talents. Take, for example, applicant tracking systems (ATS) that have proven to be very beneficial in classifying candidates and maintaining their files for future reference, becoming a valuable source of information.

2. Transform the candidate experience

Candidate experience is something that didn't matter much in the past, but today, it's a critical aspect of hiring.

Technology has revolutionized this by improving the process from the beginning:

  • Facilitating the search for jobs.
  • Providing the necessary information.
  • Making the process more personal for candidates.

3. Promote innovation

The world of recruiting is already competitive. However, technology has exacerbated this.

Today, both recruiters and candidates use technology to stay ahead and be active.

Taking advantage of technological tools, looking for various alternatives to select and hire people, and moving away from the traditional model have proven to be very beneficial in attracting and keeping the best talent.

4. Reduce human bias and promote diversity

While leading organizations these days aim to promote the greatest objectivity when hiring a collaborator, sometimes human beings can fall into biases without even knowing it.

However, thanks to recent advances in the use of online evaluations and the analysis of the information collected from them, it is possible to implement a standardized selection process that helps in making objective and bias-free decisions.

5. Allows you to evaluate more candidates

With technology, companies can now evaluate the skills of all candidates who apply for a job. It is no longer necessary to limit the number of candidates to be evaluated since technology-based tools allow adequate use of resources and make it possible to scale selection processes without the need to leave candidates unevaluated for just one topic.

It is a fact that technology has changed hiring forever, and for the better, as companies can now evaluate a larger, more diversified, and better qualified pool of talent that is key to achieving their organizational objectives.

In parallel, for candidates looking for work, there are clear benefits to a more efficient and attractive hiring process.