How to Hire Technology Personnel in Your Company?

How to hire technology personnel in your company?

Without a doubt, information technologies and digital transformation are changing the way companies operate. This has motivated an explosion of new profiles that are currently highly required in various areas.

Web developers, data scientists, leaders and managers with a technology profile, telecommunications engineers, network infrastructure automation specialists, data engineers, systems and connectivity specialists, and UX writers are just some of these profiles.

But in such a demanding and competitive market, how can companies optimize their personnel selection processes? And more importantly, how can you make sure you are selecting the right people? . In this article, we will answer these and other questions.

The truth is that the same technological evolution also allows companies to transform their human talent recruitment and selection processes. 

Basic aspects to consider when hiring technology personnel

There are a series of factors to consider to successfully hire personnel in the different areas of technology that a company may have, but the most important thing is to take into account the different skills and abilities that each of the candidates may have.

  • Hard skills consist of all those technical skills related to the position you are offering and the functions that the candidate will perform. Clear examples of this type of skill are related to the candidate's experience or knowledge of programming languages, the management of certain equipment, software, or platforms, configuration techniques, and the and the management of technical tools, frameworks, and methodologies, among others.
  • Soft competencies refer to the interpersonal and self-management skills perceived as strengths that the candidate may possess. Some examples are: your ability to communicate effectively; your ability to work as a team; your ability to be disruptive, proactive, organized in your work, etc.
  • Analytical capacity is based on your ability to detect patterns and correlations about events, situations, or a particular context related to the functions that you will execute. For example, a high-level web developer is capable of reading, understanding, and optimizing code that has even been built by another member of the company. Candidates with a high level of analytical capacity help companies detect deviations, improve processes, save time, reduce costs, etc. 
  • Problem-solving capacity is the candidate's ability to visualize, understand, and solve a particular problem. For service provider companies, having these employees is very important. Because they will be the people who provide effective solutions in case of problems, failures, or deviations in the operational and administrative processes of the business, of course in the areas where they work.
  • Moral values: It is also important to evaluate the candidate's scale of values and know whether or not they are in accordance with the company's principles and values. We always recommend hiring professionals with a high degree of responsibility, integrity, honesty, ethics, respect, and commitment. This is also associated with the pillars and core values of Agile.
  • Attitude consists of the degree of disposition and commitment that the candidate has in relation to the company and the area in which they will enter. There is a saying that says, Hire the attitude and train the skill. 

If you take the above six fundamental aspects into account when evaluating a tech talent, you will undoubtedly be able to build high-performance work teams.