Tips for Hiring the Right IT Staff

Tips for hiring the right IT staff

Currently, there is a huge deficit of workers focused on the technology and IT sectors. For this reason, most companies face a labor market with high demand and few truly trained professionals.

Despite the efforts and incentives offered by organizations, it is not always an easy task to find IT personnel.

If you are interested in knowing how to select suitable IT profiles, then you cannot stop reading this article.

Why is it difficult to attract IT-oriented talent?

In the digital age, having trained workers in the IT sector is one of the main challenges for any company today. 

However, recruiters are often unable to find the ideal candidates for a particular position.

This is due in part to the limited labor supply of workers trained to provide services as programmers and computer scientists, or in the various areas that are part of the digitalization of a company.

The number of students graduating in IT is much lower compared to other professions. This makes it very difficult to find suitable personnel to fulfill the functions required by a company. 

The lack of talent in IT departments results in the delay of projects and the loss of valuable opportunities for the organization. That's why recruiters are in a race against time to find suitable candidates in the sector.

The tasks related to how to select IT profiles begin with an analysis of the job market present on various platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others.

Taking this into consideration, below we mention some of the main causes that affect the shortage of human resources in the IT sector:

Few workers

In recent years, the demand for workers in the IT sector has increased exponentially. However, the global labor market does not have the necessary professionals to meet this demand.

As there are fewer workers, there are also fewer applications for positions, which means that recruiters cannot capture the talent necessary to undertake tasks related to the technological side of the company.

Not all recruiters are IT related

Generally, recruiters develop their professional careers in the administrative area, and some of them even specialize in human capital management. Despite this, they do not have the necessary knowledge to evaluate IT personnel.

As a consequence, it is not always easy to analyze and contrast the skills required to fill IT positions in a company, especially with the skills presented by candidates in their resume.

The salaries

Being a scarce commodity, professionals in the IT area have a fairly good salary offer. This makes many companies unable to compete with large international organizations and corporations, which offer a better salary.

What aspects should be taken into account when recruiting IT personnel?

Below, we present some of the main aspects that will be of great help in knowing how to select IT profiles:

Train as an IT recruiter

The first thing you should do is update your IT knowledge. This way, you will know what the main needs of the company are. 

If you do not know the profile that is required, then it is very likely that you will not be able to make the candidate see the set of skills that are required within their profile for a position in the company.

Therefore, by not mastering the necessary terms, you will not be able to understand the talent throughout their interview; therefore, it will be impossible for you to choose the most appropriate profile for the particular position.

Understand the skills needed for the vacancy

To recruit staff in this sector, you don't have to be an IT expert. However, you must have minimal knowledge about the main skills and technologies necessary for the position.

Offer a salary commensurate with the position

IT professionals have a fairly broad and diverse field of work, which is why they can migrate to other companies because they do not receive a salary commensurate with their work and level of experience.

Structure a vacancy that is attractive

By understanding the profile and skills that must be met by the candidates, all that remains is to write a vacancy announcement that is attractive and that provides clear and precise information.

Every call for a vacancy must specify the description of the position as well as its main functions. 

It is also necessary for the candidate to know what technologies are relevant to the position, such as programming languages and tool management, among other aspects.

Know the job market

To understand how to select IT profiles, you must know the ways through which you can attract future candidates. 

"There are online job portals and social networks specially designed to recruit personnel, such as LinkedIn."