The Future of Recruitment

The Future of Recruitment

About 50 years ago, as an employer you would place a vacancy in the newspaper or hang a poster at a local supermarket in the hope that you would attract the right potential employees. Nowadays you post a vacancy on your website, social media channels and maybe you hire a recruiter. In short, recruiting potential employees is completely different today! In this article we show you the future of recruitment.


' Recruiting, identifying, selecting and attracting the best qualified and available candidates for a temporary or permanent vacancy' is the definition of the term ' recruitment '.

It is an extremely important part of any company, because your employees can make or break the company. For this reason, a lot of time, money and energy is invested in attracting the right people. Unlike a few years ago, companies are using less and less interruption marketing, where you see a banner on a random website. Content marketing and data-based marketing, on the other hand, are growing methods, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Building an employer brand

As an employer, you want to be known as the nicest and best employer in the area. You want people to enjoy working for you and to wait until a new vacancy is online. How a company markets itself as an employer is what we call an employer brand. This is not a new concept, but it will mean more and more in the future.

A strong employer brand stands for quality and consists of a web of consciously and unconsciously stored information about a company. For example, this information creates enthusiasm, trust and attraction. But it can also cause distrust or aversion. It is therefore important that you work strategically and feed people with positive messages, experiences, stories and other forms of information.

Using content marketing, where you share information about your company, in combination with data-based campaigns will make the difference. Now and in the future. Fortunately, A good agencies know that it takes less and less time and energy. With the help of the right technologies, you will have the best qualified employees in no time!

New technologies make it simpler than ever

Technology continues to develop constantly. Also in the future. We have more and more data at our disposal, allowing us to get to know the target group, their online behavior and preferences better and better. And this is very important, because the better you know your target group, the easier it is to find them.