What is a Recruitment and Selection Agency?

What is a Recruitment and Selection Agency?

What does a recruitment and selection agency do? Also known as a recruitment agency, it is engaged in attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for a variety of clients. The job requirements drawn up by the clients, but also the wishes of the candidates, are taken into account. The candidates who register or apply for a job at a recruitment and selection agency often have higher education. They first visit the recruitment and selection agency for an initial introduction. They may or may not be presented to the client. Clients engage the agencies on a no-cure-no-pay or exclusivity basis.

As a candidate, the procedure is longer via a recruitment and selection agency. But the big advantage is that there is less competition from other candidates / applicants. Certainly a specialized W&S agency makes extensive selections. After selection, there are often only about 3 or 4 candidates left in the picture. In some cases it even happens that only 1 or 2 candidates are nominated.

Recruitment and selection agency methods

The recruitment and selection agencies are often specialized in one or a few industry groups, so they are real specialists. The advantage for the client is that they test for professional knowledge. In general, recruitment and selection agencies often look for candidates at intermediate and senior levels.

Major advantages of a recruitment and selection agency

The consultants working in the recruitment and selection industry often guide you as a candidate quite intensively. All the ins and outs about the vacancy and the company are explained in advance. In addition, you will be excellently prepared for the interview with the client. But there is also a lot of contact during the conversations. All this to filter the wishes and preferences on both sides.

Employment, temporary employment or secondment?

Most recruitment and selection agencies place candidates directly with a client. This means that the client chooses to hire the employee in question. In some cases , secondment for a certain period is also used . Usually a candidate is seconded to a client for approximately 1040 hours. After this period, the client can often take over the employee in question free of charge.