What Does aan Artificial Intelligence Developer Do?

What exactly is an Artificial Intelligence Developer and what does the job of an AI Developer look like?

An AI Developer creates artificial intelligence software and applications that an organization can use. That sounds logical, but it is not that easy. To do this, you need to program algorithms that learn from past events. How exactly does that work? In this article you can read everything about the position of an AI developer (also called AI Engineer).


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has a major impact in business. Mainly in the field of productivity through the optimization of time spent, safety and correctness. It has also become indispensable in our private lives: the thermostat of your home knows exactly what the weather is like outside and your robot lawn mower knows your garden like no other. This is all made possible by AI.

With artificial intelligence we can make devices, applications, software and much more intelligent. We talk about AI if you want a software program to do something, but it does it anyway without you explicitly asking it to do so. Terms such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning are widely used within AIThese are algorithms that collect data to learn from it and make predictions. Consider converting speech to text or recognizing objects and patterns. Deep Learning goes one step further and makes it possible to recognize patterns that are impossible for the human brain.


What is an Artificial Intelligence Developer?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer (or engineer) is someone who is involved in the development of artificial intelligence. He or she looks at, among other things, how this technology can be used within the organization. The AI ​​Engineer works with Machine Learning techniques such as natural language processing and neural networks to build models that power AI-based applications.

The position of an AI Developer is not the same as that of a Data Engineer or Data Scientist . A Data Engineer writes programs to extract and transform data from sources so that it can be analyzed. Data Scientist build machine learning models intended to drive business decisions. They often view the organization from a higher strategic point that an AI Engineer usually does.


What does an AI Developer do?

An AI Developer (or AI Engineer) builds AI models that provide relevant insights that organizations can use to make decisions. An example is computer games: creating different characters with a certain behavior in a game. Or, for example, you are concerned with improving communication between people and computers. This is called Natural Language Processing (NLP). This allows you to optimize apps such as Siri or Alexa. Another option is Machine Learning: having the machine perform tasks based on large amounts of data and algorithms.

Duties and responsibilities of an AI Engineer:

  • Determining where the problems lie and which solution is appropriate.
  • Developing innovative techniques for AI solutions.
  • Making extensive analyzes and advice for optimization.
  • Using and developing new AI tools.
  • Performing data analyzes and developing AI algorithms.


What do you need to be able to do in this position?

As an Artificial Intelligence Developer, it is important that you have knowledge of programming and mathematical statistics. The most commonly used languages ​​in AI and Machine Learning are Python, C++ or Java. In addition to these technical skills, it is important that you also have a number of personal skills:

  • You like to think out-of-the-box and try out new ideas.
  • You are always aware of the latest developments, both within and outside the industry in which you work.
  • You can translate the interests and needs of the organizations well at a strategic and tactical level
  • You get along well with multiple personalities within one organization.