What Does a Systems Analyst Do?

In an increasingly digital world, the role of a Systems Analyst has become of great importance for organizations. But what exactly does this function entail? In this article, we will describe the duties, responsibilities and requirements of a Systems Analyst...
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What Does an Application Manager Do?

What exactly is an application manager and what does the position look like? Almost all organizations need IT software to carry out their business activities. An application manager ensures, among other things, that all applications remain up and running. Curious what this looks like in practice? In this article you ...
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What Does an Artificial Intelligence Developer Do?

What exactly is an Artificial Intelligence Developer and what does the job of an AI Developer look like? An AI Developer creates artificial intelligence software and applications that an organization can use. That sounds logical, but it is not that easy. To do this, you need to program algorithms that learn from past events. How exactly does that work? ...
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What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

What exactly is an IT Project Manager and what does the position of an IT/ICT Project Manager look like? To answer your question right away, an IT Project Manager is responsible for the IT projects within the organization and realizes them within the set requirements, time and budget. The demand for professionals continues to increase within
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